Sonos Announces the Play:1

Dan Seifert from The Verge:

Compared to the similarly priced Jambox, the Play:1 is considerably louder, crisper, and more present. The more expensive Big Jambox offers a wider range and better separation than a single Play:1 thanks to its larger speakers and configuration. But the Play:1 is still louder and sounds bigger, if slightly more muddled because of the lack of speaker separation.

Really excited about this news. Since receiving my new iPhone, I now need to replace by bathroom speaker because it uses the old 30-pin connector. I started thinking that it would be better to buy things that are connector-independent, this way, it’ll last me longer.

I’d looked at several speakers, and had heard very good things of all the Sonos speakers and Big Jambox, but was worried to go Sonos because of the high price point. This new speaker is more wallet friendly, and could be the start of a great relationship with the Sonos ecosystem. I’ll write some thoughts on the speaker once I receive and use it for a while.

By Timmmmy

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