Pushing Against a Tidal Wave

Rachel Smith:

The web design and development industry has grown out of infancy and is moving in to what I like to think of as the awkward teenage years. We are maturing, rebelling against the limitations set by our elders and trying to make sense of an industry where the demands are constantly evolving.

That is definitely true. This rebellion that she refers to, is the fact that Javascript is being used in more places, sometimes eroding the line of what was considered bad practice. HTML and CSS is being served with Javascript these days, and that has many people working in the web worried. I myself am torn on this topic, yet I can’t help but agree with what she says a few paragraphs later:

And I might even go as far to suggest that asking this evolving community, this alien life form of an industry, to stop what they’re doing simply because you are not comfortable with it is a tiny bit of an entitled request to make.

A certain, small group of people don’t define what the web is, and what it will be, it’s all of us who will vote with the code we write. As people who build the web, we should see what lessons we can glean from all of this. We can educate ourselves on how to adapt these practices, and stay true to creating usable, and accessible web sites and applications.

Out of all the overwhelming feelings and confusion, lies one undeniable reality: there’s no place for dogma here.

Link via Dan Denney

By Timmmmy

A human hoping to be empathetic and kind with all. I'm a geek, coffee drinker, stoner, maker of things, and forever an optimist. Brightly-colored clothes weren't enough, so I dye my hair too (he/him)

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