I Bought a Camera

After debating whether I should buy a DSLR for almost a year, I finally decided last week that I was going to pull the trigger.

If you like geeking out about gear like me, here’s the list of things I’m using now. The video above was filmed with my iPhone 7.

Gear I Use

Here are the things I’ll use to film my videos. These are all affiliate links, so use them if you’d like to support me. Here’s more stuff I recommend.






Lastly, if you enjoyed the video and would like to see more, please subscribe.

By Timmmmy

A human hoping to be empathetic and kind with all. I'm a geek, coffee drinker, stoner, maker of things, and forever an optimist. Brightly-colored clothes weren't enough, so I dye my hair too (he/him)

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