ūüé• My new video is a review of‚Ķ shades? Yep! Find¬≠ing shades for my huge nog¬≠gin is tough. 
ūüé• Watch my lat¬≠est video: OWC Thun¬≠der¬≠bolt 3 Dock Unboxing. 
I‚Äôm offi¬≠cial¬≠ly adver¬≠tis¬≠ing @MacintoshFM on my hel¬≠met to get the word out in the Twin Cities. You‚Äôre wel¬≠come @mcbramhill ūüėú 
Have a lot to do tonight. Shoot¬≠ing b‚ÄĎroll for my video com¬≠ing out Thurs¬≠day and shoot¬≠ing an unbox¬≠ing of the OWC Thun¬≠der¬≠bolt 3 Dock among‚Ķ 
Why does every scoot¬≠er video review have to start with laugh¬≠ing and say¬≠ing that it isn‚Äôt a ‚Äč‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ motor¬≠cy¬≠cle?! Good¬≠ness, mas¬≠culin¬≠i¬≠ty is so freak¬≠ing fragile. 
Got cut¬≠off on the bike for the first time today. I total¬≠ly saw it com¬≠ing. Great practice. 
Today, I start film¬≠ing my review on‚Ķ sun¬≠glass¬≠es? Look for it on Thurs¬≠day, and if you‚Äôre not sub¬≠scribed yet, do that! 
No new video this week because I‚Äôm with¬≠out a tri¬≠pod, but work¬≠ing on some¬≠thing cool for next Thursday. 
Took a deep dive into After Effects today. Holy moly, that is some com¬≠pli¬≠cat¬≠ed stuff. 
Just had my first scoot¬≠er sham¬≠ing moment! Some dude looks at me with all my gear and says, ‚Äč‚ÄúWhat kind of bike you got?‚ÄĚ And‚Ķ 
Big news: I‚Äôm giv¬≠ing my talk on CSS Grid at Con¬≠verge! 
Yes¬≠ter¬≠day was a great day for pictures. 
Love how com¬≠pa¬≠nies want to treat you bad¬≠ly in the inter¬≠view process but still want you to use (and pay) for their product. 
Those of you who watch my YouTube videos, what would you like to see me make? I love doing reviews and unboxings. 
Motor¬≠cy¬≠cle gear is pret¬≠ty expen¬≠sive. Also, turns out that motor¬≠cy¬≠clists look down on scoot¬≠er rid¬≠ers‚Ķ interesting. 
The YouTube Cre¬≠ator Acad¬≠e¬≠my is soooooo helpful!! 
TFW you text a friend and they changed their num¬≠ber with¬≠out let¬≠ting you know‚Ķ 
I got my motor¬≠cy¬≠cle per¬≠mit today!