I have a mos­qui­to bite on my nose! These jerks have no respect. 
Real­ly, a no-brain­er to back @sensibleworld and his Sym­bol­i­cons Pro project! 
Switched over all my two-fac­tor auth to 1Password. Easy and awe­some experience. 
I wish I were bet­ter at sell­ing myself and talk­ing about what I’m great at. I prob­a­bly miss out on a lot because of that. 
I had the priv­i­lege of being inter­viewed on the @wptonicpodcast! 
🎬 Here’s my review of Spi­der-Man: Homecoming. 
This mod­u­lar air­plane con­cept is pret­ty awesome. 
Dis­put­ed a copy­right claim on my lat­est video that’s clear­ly fair use. YouTube needs to do some­thing about this… it’s so dumb. 
I just found a case of old CDs and now I real­ly want to buy a CD play­er to lis­ten to these mixes. 
Why is it so hard to find a great weath­er app with an Apple Watch complication? 
🎬 New Video: My review of Despi­ca­ble Me 3. 
The bat­tery life in the iOS 11 Beta is terrible. 
These past two days have been so amaz­ing. I got to spend so much time with my part­ner-in-crime, doing all the things we love to…