I’m think­ing of retir­ing the name The Bold Report. It’s waaaaaay to offi­cial for what I write on there. 
This video has changed the way I wear my watch. 
I real­ly hope @PhillyD wins! #DeFran­coShow­ForStreamys 
Hav­ing a desk at a co-work­ing space again is just so nice. Keeps me sane. 
None of the iPhones announced are inter­est­ing enough for an upgrade in my opin­ion. I’m still in love with my mat­te black iPhone. I wish… 
I don’t under­stand why Apple Music does­n’t make it easy to fil­ter out all explic­it songs. Even when I’ve restrict­ed all explic­it songs, the playlists… 
My LG 5K dis­play has some major ghost­ing. This is so disappointing. 
My new video on the iPhone X Event is out. What did you think of the event? 
I’ve spent the last month work­ing as a Designer/Dev at Mealthy. Today, our beau­ti­ful site launched! So proud of all the hard work our team… 
Any­one rent­ing a desk in down­town Saint Paul? I’ve heard of CoCo, but I’d like to find some­thing a bit cheap­er if possible. 
I bought my first Philips Hue light­bulbs and bridge this past week. Real­ly lov­ing it! 
Couldn’t for the life of me remem­ber where I’d put the half and half… come to find it in the cup­board. TGIF. 
My YouTube chan­nel isn’t dead! New video com­ing next Thurs­day and every Thurs­day after that. 
I’ve made it across the 100 sub­scriber thresh­old on YouTube, so I now have a cus­tom URL! youtube.com/smithtimmytim. New video com­ing this Thursday!