Star Wars

Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

The day is finally here! The Last Jedi trailer just dropped and is two minutes and thirty-five seconds long. I have tickets for opening night and second viewing purchased.

My Thoughts On the New Trailer

  • We get updated versions of the AT-AT!
  • Luke accepts the lightsaber!
  • It seems we’ll get an explanation of how Rey is so powerful and what happened with Kylo Ren’s training.
  • Luke isn’t the naive kid from the original trilogy anymore. He’s “seen” stuff, ya know?
  • It insinuates that Kylo Ren kills Leia too. I doubt this will be the case since that would put his character beyond redemption.1
  • The way they continue to add to this universe with new aliens and creatures is so cool.
  • BB-8 is back! I mean, that was never in question, but still.
  • Finn vs. Phasma!!!
  • Phasma’s costume is just so cool. Really looking forward to seeing her more in this film.
  • Leia’s costumes look great.
  • First look at Snoke, and he’s just as ugly as we thought.
  • That last part of the trailer has got to be clever editing.
  • Kylo Ren’s scar gets smaller as the movie progresses. Smart move by Rian Johnson.
  • Just like The Empire Strikes Back this film looks like it’s going to get dark.

I usually only watch the first trailer of movies I’m really looking forward to, so this’ll have to hold me until December. I’m so excited!

  1. Kylo already killed Han, which already makes him irredeemble to many of us 

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