If a poten­tial client is con­de­scend­ing now, just imag­ine after they’ve giv­en you mon­ey and think they own you. 
Why are peo­ple who aren’t com­fort­able with a fix­er upper on Prop­er­ty Broth­ers??!! If I were on that show, I’d shut up and let them… 
Watch­ing You’ve Got Mail is fas­ci­nat­ing. What a dif­fer­ent time. 
If I nev­er see anoth­er Inter­com mes­sage, it’ll still be too soon. 
I’ve real­ized I do some of my best work sit­ting on the liv­ing room couch with The Office play­ing in the background. 
Today’s been the type of day where I’m indent­ing more than 4 times in SCSS and I have to keep from not hat­ing myself. At least… 
Can’t believe Star Wars is only one day away. I’m so excited. 
After months of using Hyper, I’ve gone back to iTerm2. Feels faster. 
I get to wake up next to this amaz­ing woman everyday. 
Sun­day is a sacred day. Sun­day is the day we watch HGTV and judge all the cou­ples for their ter­ri­ble taste. 
By this time next week I will have already watched the new Star Wars. 
So hap­py to be part of this spe­cial day.