iMac Pro iFixit Teardown

Here’s my second iMac Pro link for today.

  • The first component out is the enormous dual-fan cooler.
  • Looks like Apple sacrificed the 5K’s full-size desktop hard drive (not that you’d want that in a pro machine) to make some room here.
  • Also sacrificed to the cooling gods: the external RAM access hatch. Sad face.
  • In exchange, we get a big rear vent and an 80% increase in cooling capacity.

Sad face indeed on the lack of RAM access hatch. A professional computer will need to have the RAM upgraded during its lifecycle. The kicker is, as you read further, you will see that they are using standard RAM. Prising the computer apart and ripping the guts out to upgrade the RAM is not great.

As a nerd, I of course read all the way through this tear down. I’m extremely impressed with what Apple has been able to accomplish in the space given—though, again, this is not a computer for me. I don’t want a laptop on an upright stand no matter how powerful. There’s no need for that kind of thermal constraint. That said, this is a really good computer with high quality, professional grade parts and Apple’s attention to detail shines through clearly—even if I disagree with some of Apple decisions.

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