My signed copy of West Coast Avengers is here! Thanks @79SemiFinalist! 
Framed one of my Paper Girls comics. @cliffchiang does some amaz­ing and beau­ti­ful work. 
I remem­ber being sin­gle and unem­ployed… I had so much time, I even tried grilling a PB & J. Just imag­ine the boredom. 
I find it fas­ci­nat­ing how many peo­ple stick their noses up to read­ing com­ic books. Like it’s not real read­ing or something 📚 
How much of my life will I end up los­ing to wait­ing for Audi­tion to match loud­ness or reduce noise… it’s best not to know. 
Fin­ished the edit for a new episode of AFK yes­ter­day. Look for it tomor­row, but sub­scribe in the meantime! 🎙 
I’m scared to upgrade to macOS Mojave, how ​’bout y’all upgrade and let me know how it goes? 
I’m always in admi­ra­tion of @joshuaginter​’s The Newsprint. Great typog­ra­phy and beau­ti­ful photography. 
Just real­ized today’s the last day of Summer. 😭 
So I hear there’s Bat-penis in a com­ic book this week?! Holy moly. 
I need a new fall jack­et. Any recommendations? 
Had an amaz­ing week­end with these three. 
Tech Diver­si­ty …we’ve (final­ly!) entered a peri­od of tech diver­si­ty, and Mastodon and and RSS read­ers and blog­ging sys­tems and so on do not… 
Lov­ing this series! Lots of humor and action. 
This con­firms that Microsoft is still the icky com­pa­ny. I don’t care that ​“it’s only being test­ed.” Why is it being done in the first place? 
That iPhone Xs Max looks like what I might upgrade to from my iPhone 7 Plus.