New Logo and Identity for Uber

Armin Vit in another great logo and identity redesign review on Brand New:

I am guessing that this is not the negative review most people expected. I understand the gut reaction of seeing the new logo and thinking “Seriously? That’s it?”. I had that reaction, no doubt, and, in the annals of logo design this doesn’t even rank nor does it make the cut in any way as an exciting, industry-shifting identity but as public-facing manifestation of a company attempting a drastic change to be perceived as safe and trustworthy, as universally accessible, and as a seamless part of literally millions of people’s lives and livelihoods this has the potential — AS LONG AS UBER DELIVERS ON THE PROMISE OF POSITIVE CHANGE — to become one of the most significant identity redesign and corporate rebrand case studies we will discuss 20 years from now.

Uber has been disappointing for the past few years, but this identity redesign is pretty great. The versatility of this system is impressive, and speaks to the changes they seem to be trying to make. Like Armin, I’m still using Lyft for the time being, but my boycott of Uber may be coming to its end.

By Timmmmy

A human hoping to be empathetic and kind with all. I'm a geek, coffee drinker, stoner, maker of things, and forever an optimist. Brightly-colored clothes weren't enough, so I dye my hair too (he/him)

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