Today’s Apple announce­ments are real­ly excit­ing. There are some more afford­able options that could pow­er Pro work­flows for sig­nif­i­cant­ly less money. 
If I nev­er hear Danc­ing in the Dark by Bruce Spring­steen again, it’ll still be too soon. 
Let’s get some­thing straight: I’ve nev­er want­ed to open Adobe Bridge. Never. 
Is there a NaNoW­riMo but for com­ic books? I have an idea that I’d like to find out if it’s dumb or not… 
This sto­ry on Reply All is fas­ci­nat­ing, shock­ing, dis­gust­ing, and a must listen. The Crime Machine, Part I 
I’d like to be read­ing more per­son­al blogs. If you blog about geeky or per­son­al things, send me your RSS feed. 
If you’re a recruiter, and you call me four dif­fer­ent times to ​“fol­low up,” maybe you should take the hint that I don’t want to talk? 
Great week of comics! It’s just so cool to go to new places and explore new worlds with amaz­ing writ­ing and enthralling art.