New Logo and Identity for the 2018 Brand New Conference

Armin Vit on Brand New:

This year’s identity is based on a cliché but we liked where that cliché took us so we went with it: New York is a “Concrete Jungle”, ergo we are going to use concrete. This wasn’t conceived as a metaphor but as the literal, core ingredient through which we would standardize all the materials.

I don’t think I’ve seen something like this before. They literally glued slabs of concrete as the cover of the programs. I can’t even imagine the work involved in making these, but the execution is masterful.

By Timmmmy

A human hoping to be empathetic and kind with all. I'm a geek, coffee drinker, stoner, maker of things, and forever an optimist. Brightly-colored clothes weren't enough, so I dye my hair too (he/him)

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