Pull List for October 3, 2018

Things I read on Sept 26, 2018
From left to right: Saga Vol. 4, X-Men: Red #8, The New World #3, and Man-Eaters #1

Another week is here, and that means there are new comic books to read, new stories to be enveloped in, and new artwork to be entranced by. Here’s what I read last week and what I’m picking up this week.

What I read last week

  • Man-Eaters #1
    After reading this profile of Chelsea Cain, I became an instant fan. She just seems awesome. I picked up this first issue and couldn’t be more pleased. I thought the premise was funny and the book delivered. Looking forward to future issues.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #6
    I’m glad we finally got some story about Boomerang! He was set up in the first issue, and then we didn’t hear or see anything about him for the rest of the arc. Seeing “the bar with no name” was cool too. Boy do I miss Ryan Ottley on art though.
  • The New World #1–3
    Tony, the resident comic expert at my local comic store recommended this title to me. The art inside is very interesting. I don’t dislike it, but I’m not in love. The covers however, are gorgeous.
  • X-Men: Red #8
    Carmen Carnero did a great job with this issue. I loved the close ups of Jean Grey where you see and feel the expression in her face. Tom Taylor of course keeps doing a great job with the story here. I really hope they don’t end this book at issue #11.
  • Saga Vol. 6
    Can’t stop reading this amazing series! Brian K. Vaughan keeps writing fascinating story arcs with interesting new characters, yet still doing justice to established ones. Also, Fiona Staples’ art continues to be beautiful and compliments the story perfectly.

Favorite of the week: Man-Eaters #1

Picking up this week

  • Paper Girls #25
    I haven’t caught up completely on this series just yet, but I’m buying this single issue anyway. If you haven’t read Paper Girls, I definitely recommend it.
  • Analog Vol. 1 Trade Paperback
    Analog is a new creator-owned series from Gerry Duggan (who’s written Deadpool in the past) and David O’Sullivan. The premise is that the internet is no longer secure, so secrets are no transported by “Paper Jockeys.” Looks like an exciting espionage-style story.

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