Pull List for November 21, 2018

Pull List for November 21, 2018
From left to right, back to front: Oblivion Song #9, Daredevil #611, The Amazing Spider-Man #9, Wonder Woman #58, and Uncanny X-Men #1

Every Wednesday, new comic books hit the shelves with new stories to be engrossed in, and new art to be fascinated by. This is my weekly write-up where I share what comic books I read last week, and my pull list of comics for this week.

What I read last week

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #9 – I’m shocked that we’re nine issues into Nick Spencer’s run, and there hasn’t been any that I’ve disliked. The support group for friends and relatives of super-powered people is such a fascinating idea, and one that makes so much sense. I’m looking forward to see how that idea is explored further.
  • Bully Wars #3 – While I do enjoy the story of this comic, I’m definitely picking this up more for the art inside. The amount of crazy detail Aaron Conley puts in these panel is jaw-droppingly good. Because this is an all-ages series, I was hoping for teaching moments, but maybe this isn’t that type of story. It’s a fun read.
  • Catwoman #5 – Unfortunately, this title has become a bit of a cover grab for me. I think I’ll be dropping it.
  • Fantastic Four #3 – After two issues that mostly left me feeling kind of “meh” about this series, I’m happy to say this issue really turned things around. Dan Slott still isn’t my favorite, but there were many heartwarming moments that really made the FF family reunion great. Ben and Spidey’s scene together was really funny too.
  • Oblivion Song #9 – Robert Kirkman did a really good job of exploring Ed’s perspective in this issue. Not only did I feel I understood how Ed feels, I agree with him. Really, it’s Kirkman’s commentary on the rat race of our society, which I felt was profound. Love this series.
  • Wonder Woman #58 – Jenny Frisson’s cover of this issue is even more beautiful in person. The art on the inside, was a bit confusing with Diana looking like different people throughout some of the pages. While I enjoyed the story of this issue—and the brief moment we see with Steve Trevor—there wasn’t enough for me to add this to my pull list.

Favorite of the week: Oblivion Song #9

Picking up this week

  • Cover #3 – Here’s another series that I’m loving. This is a clever idea, turned into an interesting series.
  • The New World #5 – Last issue of this mini-series. Interested to see how this gets wrapped up.
  • West Coast Avengers #4 Kelly Thompson is absolutely killing it with this series! It’s funny and a joy to read. Will Kate Bishop stay as a giant bird monster? We’ll see!

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