Pull List for November 28, 2018

Pull List for November 28, 2018
Left to right, back to front: West Coast Avengers #4, The Last Space Race #2, Burnouts #3, American Carnage #1, and Cover #3

Every Wednesday, new comic books hit the shelves with new stories to be engrossed in, and new art to be fascinated by. This is my weekly write-up where I share what comic books I read last week, and my pull list of comics for this week.

What I read last week

  • American Carnage #1 – Holy moly. This looks like it’s going to be an enthralling series.
  • Archie #700 – Picked this up on whim since Nick Spencer is the new writer on the title. I’m new to the Archie stories, but the issue was written perfect for a first-time reader. From what I gather, it’s a whole lot of teen drama, but… I liked it. I just may pick up the next one.
  • Burnouts #3 – Thinking of dropping this. It’s not a bad series by any means. The art is good and the premise is funny, but there’s only so much money.
  • Cover #3 – This is one of the best comic books I’m reading right now. The story? Fascinating. The art? Beautiful. You need to be reading this.
  • The Last Space Race #2 – I like this title, but it’s moving a little slow. May be better in trade.
  • The New World #5 – What a dissapointment! As I read those last pages, I couldn’t stop wondering what the hell was going on in some of the panels. Unfortunately, the story never really took off in the five issues. We didn’t get much explanation of the politics, nor why this place was so bad. Or if we did, it wasn’t very memorable because I don’t remember.
  • West Coast Avengers #4 – I really enjoyed this first arc of West Coast Avengers. As I’ve said before, the heroes seem to figure out how to beat the villian too easily, but it was fun. Kelly Thompson’s dialogue is always witty and smart.

Favorite of the week: Cover #3

Picking up this week

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #10 – Last issue before we get Ryan Ottley back!! So excited. I still can’t believe how much I’ve loved this series. Ten issues in and I haven’t had much (if anything) to complain about.
  • Daredevil #612 – Picking up this last arc of Soule’s, but going to wait till it’s finished to read.
  • Fantastic Four #4 – For sure picking this up until the wedding and I’ll decide from there. I loved the last issue so I’m hoping for more heartwarming moments. Not a big fan of Dan Slott though.
  • Man-Eaters #3 – I see a bunch of guys say, “oh I’m picking this up for my girlfriend, or wife, or whatever.” No! I’m picking this up for me and loving it.
  • The Warning #1 – Looks like an interesting read. I’m getting in the habit of giving number one’s a shot.

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