2018: Year in Review Due to depres­sion, 2018 has been dif­fi­cult for me. But reflect­ing on the year has helped me remem­ber all the fun and great expe­ri­ences I’ve… 
My new Chew­bac­ca robe that Kel­ly bought me. I love it! 
Aquaman 2/5 stars Neither Jason Mamoa’s charisma nor amazing special effects can mask this film’s poorly written dialogue 
One of my favorite things to do on vaca­tion: redesign stuff. Proud nerd. 
Lis­ten to the lat­est episode of @afk_show with @MariaPloessl. She has a great sto­ry and is a won­der­ful human. changelog.com/afk/10 
I think it’s big news that Walt Moss­berg is quit­ting Facebook. 
It’s my favorite time of the year: read­ing every­one’s ​“Year in Review” posts. 
So excit­ed to watch Into The Spi­der-Verse tonight. 
Is there a writ­ing app for Mac that sup­ports Mark­down and YAML front mat­ter? Oth­er than text edi­tors of course (i.e. VS Code, Atom, etc). 
Last night I import­ed my com­plete archive of pic­tures from Insta­gram, and deac­ti­vat­ed my account. Now the work begins of fix­ing some of the for­mat­ting,… 
I had so much fun pho­tograph­ing this week’s comics. Actu­al­ly, I have fun doing that every week. 
Kel­ly had an Edi­ble Arrange­ment sent to me today. What an amaz­ing surprise. 
I’m so glad I got rid of my Canon T7i, and bought a Sony α7 III. I’ve eas­i­ly tak­en three times more pic­tures in the… 
I for­get that right after Thanks­giv­ing begins the nev­er-end­ing flood of Christ­mas songs. 
Final­ly delet­ed my Face­book account. Feels good.