TKO Studios Trying to Break the Mold of Publishing Comics

TKO Studios, a publisher I’d never heard of until recently on The Outhouse is trying something different in the comics publishing industry. From their Twitter account:

We know fans don’t want to wait months to read a full story. So we BINGE-RELEASE our books. We make all issues of a single miniseries available at once.

Netflix popularized this idea of binging content, and now that’s coming to comics. I love sitting down to read a whole story arc at once. But just because they’re releasing a complete story all at once doesn’t mean you have less choices in format. In that same Twitter thread, TKO explains that all of their books will come out in three different formats.

TKO Studio six issue set
© TKO Studios

For those of us who love to collect single issues, TKO will release a six-issue set complete with an awesome looking collectors box. If you’re a fan of trade paperbacks (which I also happen to love), TKO is making those too. And to cover all their bases, there are digital options too. Which they’re saying will be available on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

TKO Studios trade paperback
© TKO Studios

From the images, it looks like they’ve paid attention to the details. They’ve got several books for sale already on the site, others are available for pre-order. You can access the site with the password vipaccess. I’m excited to see if this experiment works.

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