Pull List for December 26, 2018

Pull List for December 26, 2018.
From left to right, back to front: Catwoman #6, American Carnage #2, Aquaman #43, The Amazing Spider-Man #12, and Cover #4

Every Wednesday, new comic books hit the shelves with new stories to be engrossed in, and new art to be fascinated by. This is my weekly write-up where I share what comic books I read last week, and my pull list of comics for this week.

What I read last week

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #12 – Hmm… not sure I’m feeling this arc. I find JJJ annoying, and Nick Spencer is introducing a new villain without explaining the weird centipede-like villain introduced at the beginning. As much as I love Ryan Ottley’s art, I may have to skip this arc.
  • American Carnage #2 – This story looks like it’s about to pick up steam. The art on the inside is not my favorite, but I’m interested to see these deplorable people taken down.
  • Aquaman #43 – First issue of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s arc, but I’m not feeling it. For a first issue of someone’s run, it doesn’t feel like a great issue for new readers.
  • Catwoman #6 – Last issue of this for me. The art as always is spectacular, but the story continues to leave me wanting.
  • Cover #4 – I keep loving this comic. I want several of the panels blown up and framed on my wall. Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack are doing wonderful work with this series.

Favorite of the week: Cover #4

Picking up this week

  • Fantastic Four #5 – Wedding issue! With all the weddings that ended up pulling the rug out from under us readers, I’m glad we’re getting this one. It’s funny that Marvel has had to say that this is really happening.
  • Man-Eaters #4 – This is such a fun read. The story is interesting, but the attention to detail in all the supporting content is amazing too. The jokes are hilarious.

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