And to all my fel­low mid­west­ern­ers going through this polar vor­tex… May the force be with you! 
I can’t tell you how hap­py I am to be any­where but Min­neso­ta right now… 
We had a mimosa flight yes­ter­day. It was superb! 
If you write a per­son­al blog, open a pull request and add your info to this repo. 
Feels like so many are using Tiem­pos Text these days. Who can blame them though? That type­face is down­right gorgeous. 
I nev­er would’ve imag­ined the cost of free, but turns out the price we’ve paid for a cen­tral­ized web is pret­ty high. 
Kel­ly just offered me a cough drop with the excite­ment that is usu­al­ly attached to offer­ing some­one a piece of a can­dy. Send help. 
Real­ly enjoy­ing this album: Line by Line — Prep. 
Away from Key­board is back with the awe­some @avclark. We talk about his new busi­ness, how he was raised in a cult, mar­riage, and how his… 
This is how I record when the room I’m in has a lot of echo. 
Kel­ly and I recent­ly can­celled our Gym mem­ber­ship and got the mem­ber­ship at our local movie the­ater. We’ve used that way more. 
Roma 5/5 stars Alfonso Cuarón delivers an outstanding film about life, love, and loss