Being bit­ter, pet­ty, and jad­ed is a choice; being pos­i­tive and uplift­ing is too. I’m try­ing to be more of the latter. 
If your sales team ask cus­tomers to set­up a time to ​“chat” and they don’t respond, the solu­tion isn’t to just call them all of… 
A fam­i­ly is out­side in the hot tub and they brought their tiny dog which is the cutest thing ever. This dog wants to be… 
Wow. App Store Con­nect is a com­plete mess. 
I don’t under­stand cash-only busi­ness­es. It’s such an incon­ve­nience. Some even have an ATM machine which will then charge insane fees! It does­n’t make sense. 
Opensignal Report Finds AT&T’s Made-Up ​‘5G E’ Ser­vice Is Slow­er Than 4G Ser­vice From T‑Mobile and Verizon 
My stick­ers arrived! Thanks @manton! 
My fam­i­ly bought us a wel­come back cake! Man, it’s good to be home. 
I believe: Your data shouldn’t be mined to sell you tar­get­ed ads. Your time­line should be chrono­log­i­cal and not based on some algorithm. Tech CEOs shouldn’t allow… 
I real­ly enjoyed this episode of Build Your SaaS. Their con­ver­sa­tion at the end around hate speech is real­ly impor­tant and some­thing I’ve also been… 
I think this is the best way I’ve explained what Bokeh is about up until now. 
Always enjoy updates from @manton on Timetable and I agree! Sun­lit 2.4 is real­ly good. 
Pod­news is a pod­cast­ing newslet­ter that I’ve been lov­ing recent­ly. So much valu­able infor­ma­tion in there. 
Y Com­bi­na­tor bets on the boom­ing pod­cast indus­try. 
I set­up an Upcom­ing page for Bokeh on Prod­uct Hunt. I’ve had such an excit­ing few days work­ing on this. 
Pic­nic on the beach! It’s a gor­geous day 
Excit­ing things hap­pen­ing with Bokeh today! We’ll be run­ning a Kick­starter soon, so please help me share this with others. 📷