I had this in my drafts fold­er but Andy beat me to it. Rel­a­tive siz­ing with em units is pret­ty cool. 
I am two weeks from launch­ing a Kick­starter! Please help me share the mail­ing list for Bokeh! bokeh.pics 
I’m look­ing for an iOS Devel­op­er to help me with @bokehdotpics. If you or some­one you know are inter­est­ed, please send an email to tim[at]bokeh.pics 
Sony full-frame shoot­ers: What’s the light­weight ver­sa­tile prime lens do you have in your kit? I want some­thing light to use for street and gen­er­al photos. 
One of the best pur­chas­es I’ve ever made are these Sennheis­er HD 600 headphones 
Is there an app they won’t put sto­ries in?! 
Us watch­ing HGTV: Me: Oh my good­ness, I could see myself cook­ing in that kitchen! Kel­ly: Could you see your­self cook­ing in this kitchen? 
Any recruiter that’s done their home­work wouldn’t reach out to me for a Senior React Dev position. 
Some more pho­tos of my office in our new apart­ment. I love how much nat­ur­al light there is! 
⭐️ VS Code Pro Tip ⭐️ If you’ve got a ton of fold­ers open in the side­bar, you can click on the Col­lapse All but­ton… 
When The Sweet Set­up pub­lished their pick for the best email app for Mac, I vehe­ment­ly dis­agreed. I decid­ed to give Spark anoth­er try last… 
It’s absolute­ly stu­pid that Cred­it Kar­ma doesn’t let you unsub­scribe from their annoy­ing pro­mo­tion­al emails with­out also hav­ing to unsub­scribe from impor­tant alerts (what I…