We’re only 5 days away, and the Bokeh Kick­starter is so close to being fund­ed. Now is a great time to back the project! 
Those of you writ­ing a linkblog on Word­Press, how do you get a nor­mal feed with links point­ing to your blog? 
I’ve been mak­ing web­sites for like 13 years now and I had to look up how to link to a fav­i­con. Hope that makes you… 
The Kick­starter for Bokeh only has 7 days left! If you’ve been on the fence, now is a great time to help make this project… 
How can it pos­si­bly be Fri­day again? Time is flying. 
We are so close with only 12 days to go! If you’re inter­est­ed in Bokeh, now is a great time to back the project. 
I wish peo­ple would hide arti­cles from their site instead of delet­ing them. I’ve got a bunch of 404s on my linkblog now. 
Lov­ing Bill Nye’s new pod­cast: Sci­ence Rules! 
Insta­gram web­site leaked phone num­bers and emails for months, researcher says — CNET 
You got this. Maybe you’ve even wast­ed time and ener­gy on men­tal ju-jit­su like this: ​“I believe in seman­tic, acces­si­ble HTML. There­fore I don’t need… 
What are peo­ple using to record screen­casts these days? 
I’m so excit­ed to be on this week’s episode of Micro Mon­day with Jean Mac­Don­ald! We had such a fun chat, and she helped me… 
I fig­ured out how to write, edit, and pub­lish in Mark­down on Word­Press. It was not easy. Should I make a screencast? 
I came across this post again, and it still brings me so much peace. 
Peo­ple have been incred­i­bly kind in help­ing me spread the word about Bokeh. No mat­ter what hap­pens, I will be eter­nal­ly grate­ful for that. 
The Bokeh Kick­starter just hit $7k! Holy moly! 
No mat­ter what time I come to Cost­co, this place is freak­ing packed. 
Boy, Word­Press still has­n’t got­ten its act togeth­er on Mark­down! I have to use Jet­pack? Then I have to use a ​“Mark­down block”? And if… 
I’m real­ly impressed with the adjust­ments the War­riors have made with­out KD. Their brand of bas­ket­ball is so much fun to watch. 
Migrat­ing 700 posts over to Word­Press. Why do I do this to myself?