What’s the best way of deploy­ing Word­Press via Git these days? 
I need­ed to hear this. Cyn­i­cism kills progress 
All these sta­t­ic blog thinga­ma­jigs are cool and all until you try to pub­lish from iOS. Every­thing is made to work with Word­Press for the… 
This reimag­ined take of the fight between Darth Vad­er and Obi-Wan is fantastic 
App Store Pric­ing | Becky Hansmeyer More than ever I real­ize that it’s futile to try to com­pete on price. So if you’re an indie dev,… 
My heart goes out to Stephen. What an incred­i­ble (and I’m sure scary) journey. Moments 
What I love about video games is that it’s about the only place where I’m the best bas­ket­ball play­er ever 
We just hit 100 back­ers! Thank you so much to every­one who has sup­port­ed and shared this project! 
This episode of Automa­tors has me real­ly excit­ed to try out Drafts. 
Grab these head­phones while you can. You won’t regret it. 
This is some great advice from Sara Dietschy. 
I bawled my eyes out lis­ten­ing to the first part of this episode of Reply All. It’s a touch­ing sto­ry of what depres­sion feels like. 
Cel­e­brat­ing four fan­tas­tic years with Kel­ly. I’m incred­i­bly grate­ful to have her in my life. 
I was about to sit down to record a pod­cast, and sud­den­ly they start pow­er wash­ing right out­side my window… 
I changed the $1000 reward to be a life­time fam­i­ly account. I hope that’ll make that reward lev­el more appealing. 
Kel­ly: Hey can you get us tick­ets to see [redact­ed] die again? Haha! She’s so savage. 
I’m am so grate­ful for all the sup­port for Bokeh. It means so much to me. 
Ever since I noticed Cas­tro ver­sion their apps Year.x, I’ve been using it for every­thing. Soft­ware ver­sion­ing was always so need­less­ly con­fus­ing for me before 
Today is the day. The Kick­starter for Bokeh is offi­cial­ly live. Watch the video, back the project, and help me share it with as many…