Any­one out there know how to get vital med­ica­tion with­out health insur­ance? Ask­ing for… well… me. 
Friends don’t let friends not EQ their audio tracks! 
Any day is a good day to say some­thing kind to some­one else and to add two-fac­tor auth to your accounts. 
I’ve been track­ing my time with Tog­gl for the past few weeks and it’s been insane­ly helpful. 
Be very cau­tious of work­ing full-time on a con­trac­tor basis with the promise of a W‑2. Twice already that promise turned out to be a… 
I think it’s a mis­take for Kevin Durant to play. I hope he doesn’t risk his career for what might end up already being a… 
Who do I talk to at Apple to get uni­ver­sal skin tone selec­tion for emoji? 
The Black Mir­ror episode with Miley Cyrus was as bad as I heard it was. 
Cel­e­brat­ing Bokeh’s suc­cess with a sushi date night. 
You know, I real­ly miss Insta­gram. I’m that per­son that loves to keep in touch with peo­ple. Bet­ter get Bokeh done then… 
last chance to back this! Bokeh: Pri­vate, ad-free, and user-fund­ed pho­to sharing… 
The Bokeh Kick­starter is a lit­tle over $500 shy of its goal with only 35 hours to go! Help me give this its final push! 
Was it just me, or did it sound like you have to buy the stand sep­a­rate­ly from this new pro display? 
I real­ly wish I could be at WWDC. I hope y’all have fun. 
Think­ing of bring­ing back my video tuto­ri­als on var­i­ous web-relat­ed things. I real­ly enjoy shar­ing what I know with others. 
I had no idea David Sparks played the sax! Buy his lat­est Key­board Mae­stro Field Guide to find out for yourself.