I can’t even han­dle the funk of this song. Head­phones on for this one fam. 
If you haven’t watched The Man­dalo­ri­an… Don’t sleep on this show. It’s Star Wars the way it’s meant to be. 
I updat­ed my list of favorite Star Wars movies. I’d love to see your list! 
New shirt that Kel­ly bought me! I love it 🥰 
I came across this gor­geous blue theme and thought I’d share it with you. Just… 😍 
I remem­ber when I used to write on my blog. I miss that. 
Today I learned there’s some­thing called a ​“penis fish.” 
If you haven’t watched The World Accord­ing to Jeff Gold­blum, do your­self a favor and watch it. Jeff Gold­blum is a god damn nation­al treasure. 
If you haven’t expe­ri­enced your music with a good pair of open back head­phones, put that shit on your hol­i­day wish­list cuz it’ll blow your mind. 
These ​“Replay” playlists on Apple Music are the shit. So many songs I’d for­got­ten were so great.