I can’t help be dis­ap­point­ed with this news: Apple Buys Dark Sky. 
It ain’t even ​“Monday’s amirite?” anymore… It’s more like, ​“Days amirite?!” 
I made anoth­er song today. Much bet­ter than yesterday’s lol 
‪I’ve spent most of my day mak­ing the worst hip hop song ever, but it was a nice dis­trac­tion from the news and that was nice 
The coro­n­avirus email I didn’t know I need­ed was my local dis­po offer­ing delivery 🙌🏽 
I’d real­ly like to learn more about mak­ing music in Log­ic Pro X. Any rec­om­men­da­tions of indie cre­ators teach­ing this? A course I could buy? 
Switched on Pop has a great episode break­ing down Bad Bunny’s new album. Even if you don’t speak Span­ish this is a fas­ci­nat­ing episode! 
I can’t believe that on top of every­thing, I still have to wor­ry about send­ing this gov­ern­ment taxes… 
Amer­i­ca Is a Sham “the coro­n­avirus is reveal­ing […] just how much of con­tem­po­rary Amer­i­can life is bull­shit, with pow­er struc­tures built on pun­ish­ment and fear… 
I have aged so much this week. Last week feels like years ago 
Here’s a good Wednes­day reminder: Fat jokes are not only offen­sive, they also show how lazy you are to actu­al­ly be funny. 
‪I’m real­ly enjoy­ing the new Bad Bun­ny album.‬