Hello World

Thank you so much for visiting my online home. Bright Pixels is a web-column I’ve written since 2013. When I first launched this site, it was called The Bold Report. In 2017, I changed the name to Brightly Colored. Unfortunately, that name didn’t work either, so I decided on Bright Pixels.

Phew. Now that we’ve got that out of the way allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tim Smith, a former designer and frontend developer, currently building Bokeh.

This site has over 600 posts. Some are pretty good; others are ok, some are downright bad. And guess what? That’s ok. The site serves to document my interests and opinions at that moment. Just as a person goes through different phases of life, so has this site. There have been periods where I write a lot about a particular topic, then move on to another. Bright Pixels is a reflection of my life, my personal growth, my successes, and my sorrows.

I have three main rules for myself:

  1. I’ll write whenever I feel like it, and won’t worry if it’s not perfect
  2. I will not look at stats of any kind
  3. I will write because it’s fun and has a personal archival purpose, not because I want recognition or validation

When I follow those rules, I find my writing fulfilling and of much better quality.

Here are a few articles I feel are representative of my writing:

After chatting with my friend John Locke, it made sense to consolidate the enormous list of topics I’d amassed over the years into a select few. Two days and many hours later, I’d recategorized more than 600 posts. Here are topics I write about most:

  • Apple: This isn’t an Apple blog, but I enjoy their products, so I have opinions from time to time.
  • Code: I don’t code for work anymore, but when I learn something new I like to write about it.
  • Comics: New comics come out every week, so there’s lots to write about here.
  • Star Wars: My all-time favorite franchise.

There are three ways to keep up with all the latest and greatest:

And that’s it! Happy reading.