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Linked List for January 24, 2020

Welcome to the first ever “Linked List.” This list is an easy way for me to share interesting things I come across while exploring the far reaches of the internet.

Adam Driver Pulls Double Duty as SNL Host and Janitor →

After seeing Adam Driver in The Report, Marriage Story, and The Rise of Skywalker, I’m just in love with him. I don’t know how a person can be this likable and talented at the same time.

Also, the first comment made me laugh:

Adam carries that tree like he carried the sequel trilogy

Christine Tortorice

Aerosmith Drummer Loses Last-Minute Legal Bid To Play With Band At Grammys →

Joey Kramer, the drummer for Aerosmith (turns out he also named the band) is suing his bandmates because they won’t let him perform at the Grammys. Joey was out recovering from an injury:

Aerosmith used a replacement drummer for its Las Vegas residence, but then wouldn’t let Kramer rejoin when he claimed to be ready to resume his duties in November. Kramer said in the legal papers that he “announced his desire to return and formally made himself available to rehearse with the band and to attend the shows,” but that the rest of the band insisted he had to demonstrate that he was “able to play at an appropriate level.”

“I am being deprived of the opportunity to be recognized along with my peers for our collective lifetime contributions to the music industry,” Kramer said in a statement. “Neither the MusiCares’ Person of the Year Award nor the Grammys’ Lifetime Achievement honors can ever be repeated.”

Netflix Reportedly Lost 1 Million Subscribers to Disney+ →

Disney+ has apparently hit the ground running, as a recent Wall Street analyst report said that the new streaming service had around 24 million U.S. subscribers by the end of November – and that the House of Mouse’s gains were Netflix’s losses.

The report, which came from Cowen & Co., estimated that about 1 million of Netflix’s U.S. subscribers had canceled their subscriptions in favor of signing up for Disney+ […]

Holy shit. I was one of those 1 million 😬

Admiral Ackbar Was Initially Going to Appear in ‘Rogue One’, But J.J. Abrams Got To Him First →

Sure, Admiral Ackbar’s almost appearance in Rogue One is some interesting trivia, but Ben Pearson’s take on his death in The Last Jedi turns out to be much more profound than I expected from this article:

As for Admiral Ackbar’s death in The Last Jedi, I know there’s a huge contingent of people who feel like that character deserved more or that not concentrating on his death was disrespectful or something. I’ve always viewed Ackbar’s death as one of the more grounded aspects of any Star Wars film, because it embodies the idea that not all heroes die heroic deaths or have pivotal roles to play in every mission. Sometimes, war just takes those you love.

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