New Coat of Paint for My Landing Page

In what I’m calling a “weed-filled rage,” I ripped my old site apart and created a simple landing page instead.

See, I’ve been having a bit of a professional identity crisis (I guess a personal one too, but that’s not what this is about). I left frontend development and design in 2018 to go work for a podcast company. When I was unexpectedly let go, I didn’t know what I was. Designing and building for the web had changed so much in that year. Was I still a frontend developer? A designer? A podcast producer?

Turns out, it doesn’t matter. Those titles are nothing more than the job I had, not who I was or am. So this new landing page does a better job of saying that. I’m not my job title, but I am a geek, coffee snob, and a maker of stuff. And no one can take that away from me.