shift + esc is the most impor­tant Slack key­board short­cut. Change my mind. 
Employ­ers expect you to go above and beyond while giv­ing you the bare min­i­mum. We need to start demand­ing more democ­ra­cy in the workplace. 
The four-day work­weeks at Wild­bit sound pret­ty fan­tas­tic. Looks like a peo­ple-first approach always ends up work­ing well. 
On Imple­ment­ing Pull Request Feed­back: A Short Story You should nev­er be so antsy to get your pull request that you skip the all impor­tant task… 
It is vital that we share our salaries. Lack of trans­paren­cy around salaries is what allows cor­po­ra­tions to steal from their employees.